Wilma presents the history, stories and nature of the
PRESENTATION TOPICS CREATION OF THE PARK PIONEER COMMUNITIES SUPERLATIVES OF THE PARK AMERICAN BLACK BEAR RE-INTRODUCTION OF ELK Wilma brings more than 30 years of exploration of the Great Smoky Mountains into her presentations. She is an educator, and naturalist, whose Presentations exhibit the beauty and spirit of the Smokies. Click Here to schedule a presentation for your audience
Guest Comments: "Love your newsletter. Always love hearing your presentations even if I have heard the talk before." Phoebe, Florida “Your talk had everything: passion, experience, facts, levity, emotion, and inspiration.” Kim, - Jonathan Valley NC “No ranger has ever presented this good a program.” Jim H - Asheville NC “When is your next talk? I will be there.” Monica, Hot Springs “I have been here nearly 20 years and never heard such a good presentation about bears.” Rev. Frank - Waynesville NC To Order Books CLICK HERE
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