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THE SPIRIT OF THE BLACK BEAR invites you to explore facts, true stories, myths, and symbols related the American Black bear shared in conversations with a fictional bear named Albert Bearstein in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Read about a personal experience of meeting a black bear face to face. This short book gives you all the facts about the black bear in an entertaining, memorable way. Knowledge about these gentle bears can eliminate unfounded fears and teach you how to protect both yourself and the bears. It inspires young people and adults to expand their thinking. This is the first in a series of books relating to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Book Reviews: The very language of this book has you here in my living room. The book itself, which so represents who you are and your extraordinary inquiring mind, is fanciful and informative. You leave me yearning for your next narrative and encounter with Albert. What a wonderful educational tool. What a delight of fancy and facts. Mark Collins- Asheville Reading this book was a real treat. I learned a vast amount about Black Bears and the Smoky Mountain region while I was entertained by Albert and Wilma engaged in far-ranging and deep discussion. They answered every bear question I ever could have asked and explored topics I would never even thought about requesting. It was a fun and appealing afternoon read! Darleen Benson; Yoga coach- Asheville Reading novels is not my thing, but the length of this book inspired me to read it. I was delightfully entertained; I even learned something. Good job. John Hawkins: Hazelwood, NC I gained insights into the power of the black bear that I would not have considered before. It was thought-provoking and inspired me to broaden my thinking about other subjects.” Kim- Business coach, Waynesville
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